Apricot Extra Jam Nuttyplus 200g


Nuttyplus Apricot Extra Jam 200g

Only the best Sicilian apricots, harvested at the right degree of ripeness, in an extra irresistible jam, excellent for filling desserts and for breakfast. The skilful and accurate processing and the addition of sugar in low quantities allows to obtain a product in which all the aromas, flavors and colors of the fruit remain unchanged.

Characteristics: without preservatives, colourants. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume shortly.

In the kitchen: ideal with medium-aged goat cheeses or as a filling for desserts.

Some more information: all the Nuttyplus company jams are made respecting the seasonality of the raw material, with the traditional method of long boiling in pots that mutter for several hours, slow gestures that are repeated until cooked and natural ingredients, without dyes and preservatives.

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