Dehydrated Melon 100gr


NuttyPlus Dehydrated Melon is prepared by selecting only fresh fruit and contains many fibers and precious minerals. It has a sweet taste and an almost rubbery texture, very pleasant on the palate. It is excellent as a nutritious snack or as an ingredient for the preparation and decoration of sweet dishes such as cakes, biscuits and desserts.

NuttyPlus Dehydrated Melon is made from 100% dehydrated melon.

100g bag format.

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Additional Information

100 gr


100% Melone disidratato

Valori Nutrizionali (100G)

Valore energetico: 1433 kj/338kcal
Grassi: 0.6g
di cui Saturi: 0.1g
Carboidrati: 80.2g
di cui Zuccheri: 63.5g
Proteine: 0.4g
Fibra: 5.1g
Sale: 0.1g

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